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In 2004, on a property owned by Ralph and Ann Massenburg in Walterboro, SC they decided to plant a few muscadine vines to have grapes to eat. The vines produced so well that Ralph decided to try his hand at making wine. By not being much of a drinker himself, Ann became the wine taster. She liked it and encouraged him to continue. When they decided to sell the property they planted another vineyard nearby at his daughter’s farm. After encouragement from friends and family, they decided to pursue finding the right piece of land to build a winery. Since purchasing this 62 acres of beautiful land with everything they were looking for, they now have approximately eight acres of grapes in full production.

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Wednesday through Saturday  10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.



7826 Sniders Highway. Just 6.5 miles from exit 53 on I-95

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Contact us at 843-866-2125 for more information.

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